Are you accepting new students for private chess lessons? Can I gift a chess lesson to a family member for their birthday?

Sorry, but at this time I am focusing exclusively on creating online educational content, and am not offering private lessons. If you’re looking for a coach, I can suggest browsing listings on or

When will you become a GM?

Becoming a GM is not a primary goal of mine. My current FIDE rating is just over 2350 and I have no GM norms. To chase the title would take years of full devotion to studying and traveling to compete in high level events. I would have to sacrifice time spent teaching, streaming, and creating online content all of which I enjoy. In the event I do achieve the GM title, I have reserved the domain name

When do you stream? 

My scheduled streams are posted at, however, many of my streams are not scheduled ahead of time. The best way to catch a stream is to follow me on Twitch and make sure to enable notifications.

Can I send you fan mail? 

I love getting fan mail. My mailing address address is:

Eric Rosen; 4579 Laclede Ave. #205; Saint Louis, MO 63108

How can I support your content?

I’m grateful to my YouTube followers and Twitch subscribers whose financial support allows me to pursue my passion for sharing chess with the world. Here’s how you can help share the love:

How can I break through to the next rating level at chess?

No matter what rating level you’re at, the way to improve is to play as much as possible, play stronger players, do puzzles and tactics, analyze your games, leverage chess resources online, and cultivate a growth mindset.  Take time to reflect on your own learning style: do you learn best from books, videos, a coach, a training partner, etc.? Seek out the types of resources that match your style.

What chess books do you recommend? 

Visit the Resources Page on my website to view my book recommendations.

What types of tea do you recommend?

Check out my Amazon affiliate for my favorite teas and other product recommendations:

Can I play you?

More people request to play games with me than I have time to play. I do a few subscriber-only steams on Twitch each month, so the best way to have a chance to play me is to subscribe and then tune in to the livestream.

How tall are you?

Shorter than Magnus, and taller than Hikaru.

How old were you when you learned to play chess?

Visit the bio section of my website to learn about my background

How can I contact you to ask a chess-related question or share an interesting game?

Use this form to submit interesting games/questions:

I’ll pick out some of the best games/questions to highlight on Twitch and YouTube.