SPICE Chess Camp

For the past 6 years, I have worked with countless students from across the country and helped them develop a deeper understanding of the game. I make sure that each lesson is personalized to fit the needs of the student. I actively seek out the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of students, and give them relevant material to improve on specific areas of their play. Lessons include a wide range of topics: 

  • Game analysis
  • Developing an opening repertoire that fits the student’s style of play
  • Typical middle game ideas and structures
  • Specific opening preparation for an opponent
  • Thought process; Calculation; Visualization
  • Tournament advice and preparation
  • Endgame theory/strategy
  • Self-study methods
  • Anything else the student would like to cover

I currently offer in-person lessons in the Chicago area as well as online lessons. I am happy to work with students of all ages and levels.

Services & Rates

  • 1 Hour lesson: $60
  • Group Instruction, Simuls, Camps, Seminars, Special Events: Prices vary; Contact for more Information

How do online lessons work?

Online lessons are held using Skype combined with lichess.org, chess.com, or TeamViewer+ChessBase.

lichess.org is the preferred platform for lessons. The Study tool allows us to save, organize, and annotate all material we cover. This video explains more:

How to pay

For in-person lessons, I accept all of the above, as well as cash or check.